Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule


 Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule


Monday, May 16th (SENIORS ONLY)                                                           A Day

            EXAMS for 1st and 2nd periods during regular class time


Tuesday, May 17th (SENIORS ONLY)                                                        B Day

            EXAMS for 7th and 8th periods during regular class time


Wednesday, May 18th (SENIORS ONLY)                                                  A Day

            EXAMS for 3rd and 4th periods during regular class time


Thursday, May 19th (SENIORS ONLY)                                                      B Day

            EXAMS for 5th and 6th periods during regular class time


Teachers will "POST” ALL FINAL GRADES in TEAMS FOR ALL SENIORS by Friday, May 20, 4:00PM.


Tuesday, May 24th          (All Students)                 

         5th Period EXAM        9:05-11:05                   

         6th Period EXAM       11:15-1:15 


Wednesday, May 25th         (All Students)              

         1st Period EXAM        9:05-11:05                   

         2nd Period EXAM      11:15-1:15                   



Thursday, May 26th  (All Students)                 

            7th Period EXAM        9:05-11:05                   

         8th Period EXAM        11:15-1:15                   


Friday, May 27th         (All Students)                 

            3rd Period EXAM        9:05-11:05                   

         4th Period EXAM        11:15-1:15