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Graduating Senior Information » Academy Cords for Graduation

Academy Cords for Graduation

Graduation (including Graduation Cords) for Seniors 

Graduation day is a solemn ceremony to honor the culmination of students’ academic work with a high school diploma. Seniors who fail to follow the Campus Rules three weeks before graduation, risk walking on stage on graduation day. Graduation is usually on first weekend in June. 


Graduation Cords 

The Akins Eagle cap and gown must be preserved as the main regalia or wear on graduation day. At the end of your senior year, students who have completed a coherent sequence of courses that earn an endorsement, may apply for an Academy Cord to wear during the graduation ceremony.  


Students must be a member of the Academy from which the major cord is from in order to get that cord. For example, students in STEM may only apply for a STEM major cord.  

If a student is in STEM and wishes to get a cord from AHA, this is not permitted.  

Students are members of only one academy at a time and will be permitted to earn only one Academy cord, not two cords. Students who earn additional “approved” cords, such as Trustee, top 10% or a Community Service cord will be allowed to wear these at graduation. To earn a community service cord, students must complete 100 approved and documented hours of community service. 


Any campus organization and/or program that wishes to have their seniors wear “activity” medals and/or graduation, must submit a form to Mr. Garcia for graduation committee review prior to Tuesday, April 30th.  Otherwise, medals and/or pins will not be allowed at graduation, especially as graduation gets close to the actual date.