Austin ISD/Akins HS Student Laptop Initiative

Every Akins High School student will be assigned their own computer. Austin ISD's EVERYONE to One initiative extends that opportunity and allows students to take a computer home. The current state of the art for these computers is a laptop that converts to a tablet with a touchscreen. This is known as a “two-in-one” Chromebook.  In addition, every student will receive a durable Chromebook sleeve.
Akins IT Service Desk
Located in RM 176 New Tech Building first floor
Hours: 1st and 2nd Periods (A Days); 6th and 7th Periods (B Days). 
(Please note* there may be unavailability of service on days where we have fewer practicum students)  
 ***** Repair Services Provided *****




  1. The computer must come to school fully charged each morning.

  2. Teachers and principals determine when computers may not be used.

  3. The computer is an educational tool and should be used in that manner.

  4. Anyone using the computers will use them responsibly and respectfully.

  5. They will treat the computers carefully, so as not to cause damage.

  6. Students should avoid storing any files on the computer’s hard drive, and should instead use their

  7. Austin ISD Google Drive account.

  8. Avoid having food and drinks near your computer. Always keep your computer in the protective sleeve that comes with your computer.

  9. Honor the AISD security software and filters.

  10. Abide by the AISD Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Code of Conduct.

All parents must fill out the online Parent/Guardian Consent Form or print out a paper copy to be turned into the Akins Library Staff before a laptop will be issued to the student. (click below)
The 1:1 Chromebook Distribution & Management is operated by the Akins High School Advanced Computer Tech practicum students, led by teacher, Mr. Lopez. He may be reached at [email protected] or (512) 841-9893.  

We are excited about being able to provide your students with district issued technological equipment (including a chromebook and charger) for educational purposes free of cost. With being given this technology comes the responsibility to properly care for these devices. We appreciate your support in helping our students to take care of their technology. Please make sure your student is completing the following steps:


  • Taking care of their computer and charger
  • Knowing where these items are at all times
  • Charging their computer every night
  • Not eating or drinking around their computer
  • Always holding it with two hands and carrying it in their backpack
  • Bringing their computer and charger to school every day
  • Not writing on their computer
  • Not putting stickers all over their computer, they can have ONE sticker to identify it as theirs.
  • Not leaving their computer in the car
  • Chromebooks should not be loaned to or used by any person, including family members, other than the assigned student. 


If students switch schools within Austin ISD they will take their computer and charger with them.

If students withdraw from Austin ISD they need to return their computer and charger to the Front Office.


Thank you for your support,