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Video Game Design

By the time students graduate they would have created their own 2D and 3D cartoon/animation and would have also created their own either 2D or 3D video game that would be playable on either mobile or computer devices.

-Students will learn to use software that is used in studios and colleges throughout the US. Some of these software are but not limited to Autodesk Maya 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop Flash Premiere and After Effects.

-By the time students graduate after being in this program for 4 yrs. students will have a portfolio that is filled with drawings both on paper and computer, character 3d models, and both animation and video game

-At the end of their senior year there will be an expo where they can present there game to fellow classmates and parents. They can see their cartoons and also play their games



Freshman Year: Digital and Interactive Media

Sophomore: Year- Animation

Junior Year: Advance Animation

Senior Year: Video Game Design

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Mr. Mario Howell
CTE Animation & Video Game Design Teacher
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