Akins High School

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There will be no school on Monday, Sept. 24 due to a Professional Development day for teachers.

University of TX OnRamps Dual Enrollment Program

The University of Texas at Austin's OnRamps dual-enrollment program provides opportunities for high school students to earn college credit.  OnRamps is designed to accelerate student success by providing university-level work and develops skills necessary for college.
Why OnRamps?
1. Convenience: OnRamps offers UT coursework within the high school classroom
2. Access: Students are exempt from TSI requirements for OnRamps courses
3. Curriculum: Students engage with content and build digital literacy skills using the same coursework and tools as UT students
4. Transferable: OnRamps courses are Texas Core courses and transfer to public college and universities in Texas and beyond.
How does OnRamps work? Students are enrolled in a yearlong university-level learning experience taught by a UT-trained high school teacher on the high school campus.  Students experience curriculum designed by faculty at The University of Texas at Austin.  Students can earn three to six (depending on course) hours of UT credit, with feedback and assessment provided by UT course staff.
Which OnRamps courses does Akins offer?
1. Rhetoric and Research (fall) and Rhetoric and Composition (spring) (also gives high school English 3 credit)
2. Pre-Calculus (also gives high school Pre-calculus credit)
3. Statistics (also gives high school 4th year math credit)
4. Earth and Space Science (also gives high school 4th year science credit)
5. Computer Science (also gives high school computer science elective credit)
6. U.S. History I (fall) and II (spring) (also gives high school U.S. History credit)
7. Physics I (also gives high school physics credit)
How do I enroll in an OnRamps course?
Students should see their academy counselor or Ms. Kesling, college readiness counselor, to enroll in an OnRamps course.
Please keep reading for more information on each OnRamps course.