The TEXAS MicroMajor

What is The TEXAS MicroMajor?  The TEXAS MicroMajor is a recognition program for high-achieving high school students who complete and earn credit for four UT Austin approved college-level courses that prepare students to pursue competitive programs of study, earn college credit, and accelerate progress towards a timely college graduation.
Why should a student apply to this program? Texas resident students who complete approved courses and demonstrate success in college-level work may receive a TEXAS MicroMajor, and the option of receiving special consideration for undergraduate admission to UT Austin if they apply for admission to UT Austin by October 15th and check the application box that indicates they are a MicroMajor student.
Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in a Texas high school, completion of necessary pre-requisite courses, and pledge to complete four approved college level courses prior to graduation are eligible to apply.
Requirements:  Students must complete at least four courses from an approved list of ACC dual-credit,  UT dual-enrollment (OnRamps), UT online ($$$), or select Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  At least two courses must be UT Austin courses.  Students will receive additional academic support and advising through their high school.  Akins students' additional support required course can be from MAPS, SEL, or AVID.
What MicroMajors will Akins be offering? Akins High School will be offering two MicroMajors - STEM and Arts and Humanities.  Students in Cohort 2019 and Cohort 2020 are also grandfathered into the MultiDisciplinary MicroMajor.
How do students apply?  
1. Students meet with Ms. Kesling, College Readiness Counselor, to choose their college-level courses, complete a MicroMajor intent form, and get required signatures before returning form to Ms. Kesling.
2. Students obtain a University of Texas EID#:  (Choose "Get a UT EID").
3. Students complete their application online:
4. Students' application will be processed by UT and then forwarded to Ms. Kesling for confirmation, who will track the MicroMajor students to ensure they are taking courses to fulfill their requirements.
What are the requirements for each MicroMajor?  Each TEXAS MicroMajor requires a core of math and writing from UT Austin or AP.  Two courses, of the four, must be UT Austin courses.  
STEM MicroMajor
1. UT/AP Math (Pre-calculus, Calculus, or Statistics)
2. UT/AP Writing
3. UT/AP Science
4. Course from offerings
For students interested in pursuing studies in math/science/engineering fields, UT Austin strongly encourages students to take a "calculus ready" pathway (selected math courses may include Pre-calculus or Calculus)
Arts and Humanities MicroMajor
1. UT/AP Math
2. UT/AP Writing
3. UT/AP Humanities/Social Studies or Fine Arts (full credit)
4. Course from offerings