Violations of Parking on Campus




Violation of any listed school parking policies are subject to your vehicle being booted, fines assessed, detention, towing of the vehicle at your cost and removal of parking privileges.


  • Booting- boot fee is $50.00. Replacement cost of a boot that is damages as a result of unauthorized attempt to remove boot is $200.00. Replacement costs will be paid by vehicle owner regardless of whom (anyone other than Campus Security) attempts the removal.
  • Towing- Vehicle towed at owners expense.
  • Revocation of Parking Permit- Applicant must purchase another parking permit.


By signing the application/contract, Applicant and Parent/Guardian affirm that they have read the above listed parking policies. Applicant and Parent/Guardian recognize that student parking at Akins High School is a privilege and both agree to abide by the parking policies.