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Tucker, Derrick » Derrick Tucker's Chemistry Homepage at Akins High School

Derrick Tucker's Chemistry Homepage at Akins High School

Hello! My name is Derrick Tucker and I have been teaching at Akins since Fall 2015. I received my bachelor of science in physics with a minor in mathematics from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 2004, with many additional courses in philosophy, chemistry, and economics. I also spent several years in graduate study in physics at the University of Texas at Austin.


There are many things I want to accomplish as a teacher this year. One, science and technology are changing the world at a rapid pace. I want to help students keep up so that they are prepared for the world of tomorrow. Two, I want students to understand that science already connects with their daily lives in ways they don’t yet appreciate. Three, I want students to get into the habit of being student scientists and using the structures of science to explore the world around them.


If anyone, parent or student, needs to contact me, one of the easiest ways is via email at derrick.tucker@austinisd.org which I receive instantaneously on my smart phone. I can also be reached via class phone at (512) 841-9896 during the school day, or in person before or after school any day of the week or by appointment during my conference period. I am at the high school by no later than 830a and I often don't leave the school until 445p or later (many times MUCH later!). Additionally, my classes and any important notifications are largely conducted in BLEND, and I can be messaged from BLEND regarding course content. Otherwise, if I am in the classroom and I am not conducting class, I consider myself open for tutorials or discussion. If any parents or students have questions or need help, consider my door open!


My class schedule for the 2018-2019 school year at Akins High School:

Period 1 – Pre-AP Chemistry
Period 2 – OnRamps Chemistry
Period 3 – Science Conference
Period 4 – Pre-AP Chemistry

Period 5 – Pre-AP Chemistry
Period 6 – Pre-AP Chemistry
Period 7 – Pre-AP Chemistry
Period 8 – Conference