Profe. Zavaleta

¿Qué tal? Soy la Señora Zavaleta,

Teaching Spanish at Akins High School is a great pleasure. My love for Spanish and education developed when I was growing up. As I grew, I discovered the beauty within my native language and the uniqueness of my culture. This is because, I was born and raised in Mexico. At the age of fourteen, my family and I moved to Texas where I acquired most of my formal education.

My experience as an English language learner helped me comprehend the process and techniques that learning a new language requires. Therefore, I know that learning a new language can be fun and challenging as well. It requires of effort, dedication, and patience as of a safe and nurturing classroom environment to achieve it. By knowing that, I will ensure to create a classroom community in which my students feel as part of a family; safe, accepted, and respected