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Come and see the Akins Journey Theatre perform CHICAGO- HIGH SCHOOL EDITION on Thursday & Friday, Jan. 17th & 18th and Saturday, Jan. 19th, 1pm & 7pm
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My information

Hey there! My name is Brian Lancaster, and it is my fourth year at Akins High School!  This will be my ninth year as a teacher.  For my first three years of education, I taught for an online high school in Colorado as an English specialist.  Five years ago, I moved to Austin, and I started teaching 6th grade special ed, and the year after that, I was a 6th grade math teacher.  
I enjoy working with the marching band at Akins, as I was an incredible band nerd in high school.  I am also in a band in Austin called the Minor Mishap Marching Band, and I am a World War II re-enactor.
I'm really looking forward to this year, to hearing the amazing stories that you have to tell me, and the things we can learn from each other!