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2016 National Council For Geographic Education Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient.  
Title: World Geography Pre-AP, Geografia del Mundo Pre-AP and AP Human Geography Teacher
Education and Experience Biographical Information: https://www.weebly.com/editor/main.php
Classroom Phone Number: 512- 841-9756
Teacher Schedule:
1st Period- World Geography Pre-AP
2nd Period- Geografia del Mundo Dual Language
3rd Period- AP Human Geography
4th Period- Conference
5th Period- World Geography Pre-AP
6th Period- PLC meeting
7th Period- World Geography Pre-AP
8th Period- World Geography Pre-AP


Welcome to AP Human Geography! I am excited that you have chosen to take AP Human Geography. What you will find is that this class requires hard work and is time consuming but, ultimately, very rewarding. For most of you, this will be your first AP course and it is my goal to acclimate you to what the Advanced Placement program is all about and to teach you the skills you will need to be successful this year and in the future. I want the work we do to be relevant to your lives and this course, so I try to be conscious of the value of what am asking you to complete. Good Luck..!!!!!
Link to my AP Human Geography webpage
Hello everybody and welcome back to Akins High School. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Maribel Velez Ramos or Ms. Ramos. I come from a beautiful island in the Caribbean named Puerto Rico. This is my 8th year teaching at Akins High School and my 22th year as a social studies teacher. I taught almost all high school level social studies courses and have coordinated student clubs focusing in geography and environmental education since 1997.  This year I'm very exited to have the opportunity to teach World Geography Pre AP, Geografia del Mundo Pre-AP, and  AP Human Geography.  I hope this year you have a great experience in my class and learn important long lasting skills needed for your future. Good Luck..!! 
Link to my World Geography webpage
Bienvenidos a la escuela superior Akins. Es un gran placer para mi poder enseñarles la clase de Geografia del Mundo en español, mi idioma principal. Este a va a ser un gran año escolar y espero puedan aprender muchas cosas importante para su vida y para nuestro planeta Tierra. 

Contrario a lo que muchos piensan, la Geography es más que leer mapas y memorizar países y continentes. La meta en la clase de Geografía del mundo es mostrar a los estudiantes como las actividades de los seres humanos han cambiado nuestro mundo a través del tiempo en diferentes regiones. Los conceptos más importantes que estudian en Geografía del Mundo son: Geografia fisica, Población, Migración, Culturas, agricultura, Geografia politica, urbanización, e economía. En esta clase también estudiaremos cómo el pasado ha moldeado al ser humano y sus actividades así como eventos actuales que se relacionan con el medio ambiente y los seres humanos.  


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Class Syllabus: World Geography and AP Human Geography