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Welcome back to school to the start of an amazing year.  I am a World History teacher, the academy coordinator for  ABLLE academy, and working after school as the instructional coordinator for Jumpstart and Twilight programs.  
World History is focused on content that expands from early man to current global issues.  The course will require outside reading and preparation for discussion on topics relative to political, economic, and social aspects that impact us today.  In collaboration with English classes, non-fiction reading will be used to help student prepare for writing skills particularly necessary for STAAR testing as well as preparation for AP exams.  
Jumpstart and Twilight are two after school programs that offer students opportunities to retrieve credit recovery for select courses.  Twilight is set up Tuesday-Thursday from 4:30-6:30 in room 255.  Students interested in retrieving credit or obtaining credit in advance, must get a referral from their counselor before attending.  Attendance is recorded and a snack is offered. Students will use Edgenuity for course credit.  JumpStart is a teacher taught class that is for four weeks Tuesday-Thursday from 4:45-6:15. Sessions are available in the fall & spring.  Students who are interested should speak with counselors to see course availability since primarily only core classes are offered.  Students are provided a snack, requiring 90% attendance (one absence).   
If you have any questions and need to contact me: