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Come and see the Akins Journey Theatre perform CHICAGO- HIGH SCHOOL EDITION on Thursday & Friday, Jan. 17th & 18th and Saturday, Jan. 19th, 1pm & 7pm
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Hey Eagles and Eagles' Parents!
About me: I earned my BA in Mathematics and teaching certification attending the wonderful University of Texas at Austin, Hook 'em Horns! I am a huge math/art geek and teaching is everything to me. I have been lucky enough to develop a strong community over the last 10 years as part of the Akins' staff. I have taught Geometry, Algebra 1, and both High School and OnRamps Pre-Calculus. I appreciate my AHA peers and enjoy seeing all the wonderful productions from theater and band and can't wait for the soccer season to start up. Lastly, I am part of the Math Leadership Team as the Instructional Coach where I get to observe and assist every math subject taught on our amazing campus.
So glad you will be joining my courses, Algebra 1 or OnRamps Pre-Cal, this 2018-19 year.
My Schedule:
A Day B Day
1st: Algebra 1 5th: OnRamps Pre-Cal
2nd: OnRamps Pre-Cal
6th: Instructional Coach
3rd: Conference 7th: Conference
4th: Instructional Coach  8th: Algebra 1
Be aware I have A Lunch
Course Information: Syllabus can be found below, however the specific activities will be online. We will be using the interactive boards via your BLEND course (Algebra 1) or Canvas HS/College course (OnRamps); therefore you must bring your laptops everyday. TI-84 Plus calculators will be provided.
Algebra 1 Syllabus: Access through BLEND or see Syllabus to the right.
OnRamps Pre-Cal Syllabus: Access through CANVAS or see Syllabus to the right.
Tutorials: Monday - Friday 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm 
If you need to contact me, please use my school email: elise.briseno@austinisd.org before the classroom phone number 512-841-9733 since I observe multiple classrooms throughout the year. I guarantee to respond within 24 hours.