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When [science] gets complicated, that's usually because the world is complicated--or because we're complicated. When we shy away from it because it seems too difficult (or because we've been taught so poorly), we surrender the ability to take charge of our future. We are disenfranchised. Our self-confidence erodes.
But when we pass beyond the barrier, when the findings and methods of science get through to us, when we understand and put this knowledge to use, many feel deep satisfaction. This is true for everyone, but especially for children--born with a zest for knowledge, aware that they must live in a future molded by science, but so often convinced in their adolescence that science is not for them. I know personally, both from having science explained to me and from my attempts to explain it to others, how gratifying it is when we get it, when obscure terms suddenly take on meaning, when we grasp what all the fuss is about, when deep wonders are revealed.- Carl Sagan, The Demon Haunted World: Science As a Candle In the Dark.


Welcome to the 2019 2020 school year!

Hello and thanks for visiting my teacher web page at Akins High School. 

All of my course content for Earth and Space science and for Physics is accessed through  the "LMS"- Learning Management System called BLEND.  Please use the  portal at  

Welcome students and parents!

Hello and thanks for visiting my teacher web page at Akins High School. I'm excited about 2 powerful events happening in the first 2 weeks of school- A Solar Eclipse and the  rollout of chromebooks for every student! This promises to be a transformational experience in our classroom and a powerful way to equip our students with 21st century skills expected in the workplace. 
With this change in student computing power, we are transitioning to an "LMS"- Learning Management System called BLEND. For this reason, you will not find class content on this teacher page. Instead, please use the student / parent cloud at *
note to OnRamps students- Your course content is managed through the same type of interface as BLEND, but through the UT Canvas system. Use the Canvas login found at :

Congratulations to Just Keep Livin' & Green Teens!

We are happy to announce that our month long citizen science contest - and thank you to all students and staff who participated- allowed our students to apply for and successfully win an Eco Audit campus improvement grant worth $500. The story map you see in this post is the format the students chose to present your crowdsourced data. It is the first time an Eco Audit has been done using GIS technology and it is gaining positive attention for GIS education at Akins! Our students will be asked to present their work and findings at a city wide showcase at City Hall on May 30th. Thank you again Eagles for your work to make us a model of sustainable practices in South Austin!


Introducing the Citizen Science Contest, sponsored by Just Keep Livin’! Akins Green Teens are calling on all students to become Citizen Scientists for our Eco Audit challenge. We need crowdsourced data to analyze sustainability challenges that YOU identify around our school. Our easy to use GIS survey could be your ticket to prizes and fame! Scan codes and urls are posted on flyers around the school, on Twitter, and at Our contest runs from March 5th  through April 7th. Students with the most survey submissions can win prizes including a yearbook, Sprouts Market and Amazon gift cards! The advisory teacher whose students have the most submissions will win a Brita water filtration pitcher for his or her class.The AP and Academy Coordinators whose students have the most submissions will win t-shirts and the Science teacher whose students have the most submissions will win a basket of school supplies valued at $50!  The data you collect can help us to apply for a $500 eco audit grant to solve the challenges you identify. Get involved and make your school more beautiful and more sustainable!

Want to donate supplies?

Thanks to parents who have asked if there are supplies needed in our classroom. I welcome the following donations:
3 oz or 5 oz paper cups
Colored Map Pencils
Copy paper: 81/2 by 11 OR 11X14