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Student Sharing Information

While each endorsement is available at all AISD comprehensive high schools, due to facilities and course offerings, each campus may be limited to offering certain pathways within an endorsement. Austin ISD has developed a student sharing model that will continue to allow students to remain a part of their home campus while taking part in courses or utilizing facilities. The district will look at innovative ways to increase efficiency of space and resources, increase availability of online and distance learning options and increase equitable access to college and career pathways to all students.
For the 2015-16 school year, Austin ISD north high schools (Anderson, Austin, Lanier, LBJ, and Reagan) implemented a student sharing program. Starting 2016-2017, Austin ISD south high schools will also start a student-sharing program.  The south Austin high schools are Akins, Bowie, Crockett, Eastside Memorial, and Travis.  Students from each campus have the opportunity of applying for courses offered at other campuses during 1st and 5th periods while still remaining enrolled at their home campus.  Transportation is provided for this program.
Not every student who applies or chooses to enroll in these student sharing courses will be accepted.  Priority is given to the student at the campus that offers the student-sharing classes.   Enrollment in student sharing classes is based on available space and in some cases, it based on an application/rubrics process. 
Since 2016-2017, student-sharing courses have been offered at the following south Austin High Schools-
Akins High School-  
1.  AV & Communications-  
Animation/Video Game Design
2.  Project Lead The Way-
PLTW- Engineering program
PLTW- Computer Science
Bowie High School-  
1.  Business Management
2.  Culinary Arts
Crockett High School-  
1. Architect & Construction
2. Automotive Technology
3. Collision Repair
4. Costmetology
Eastside Memorial High School-  
1.  Automotive Technology
2.  Health Science
3.  Project Lead The Way-
PLTW- Engineering program
Travis High School-  
1.  Commercial Photography
2. Culinary Arts
3.  Video Game Design/Web Technology
For more information on the Student-Sharing program for Akins students, please contact Mr. Garcia, Akins High School Associate Principal at (512) 841-9815 or jmgarcia@austinisd.org. Akins students may also contact their counselor.