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2017-2018 Advisory Program
      What is the Advisory Program at Akins High School?   Every Monday throughout the school year from 10:35am-11:05am, a teacher and a small group of students have an opportunity to interact in order to provide a caring environment for academic guidance and support, everyday administrative details, recognition and advocacy, and activities to promote citizenship.
Flexible Instructional Time (FIT) Program
       What is the FIT program at Akins High School?   Every week, students follow their schedule in order to meet with their teachers for an additional 25 minutes from 10:35am-11:05am.   Again, only on Monday, there is advisory.  On Tuesday of Week 1, students will go to their 1st period, on Wednesday of Week 1, students will go to their 2nd period, on Tuesday of Week 2, students will go to their 5th period.  During FIT time, students are given an opportunity to re-do assignments, quizzes, and/or tests.  Teachers are able to extend the lesson.