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After School and Summer Programming Opportunities

Welcome! On this page, you will find resources to programs and opportunities that can provide you a chance to grow your programming skills outside of your regular classes. 
Inspirit Scholars - Artificial Intelligence, After School and Summer Programs

Inspirit programs offer a unique opportunity to middle and high school students to learn about AI early on, even without prior programming experience. By learning and building AI and working on socially impactful projects, students gain a strong understanding of the potential of AI and how it can be applied to their daily lives and future careers. We’ve been thrilled with the success of our high school program — having worked with thousands of students across the world and seen many go on to schools like Princeton and Caltech while continuing to apply AI to their endeavors. As with our high school program, our middle school offerings will be taught by a team of instructors from Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. 


Students can apply now by March 31st for either program using this form