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Finding Books in the Library

To search for a book, start with the Library Online Catalog.



You can also reach this page by signing in at the portal and choosing the AISD Libraries tile. If you do that, you won't need to log in again for any other library resources.

It looks like this, and you can search by title, author, subject, and keyword:

akins catalog page.png


From this page you can also click on the tiles to search for ebooks and to do research using our online databases. Our digital resources include the types of resources students use in college, and they are a great way to practice doing research without using just google. 

Need help? Ask a librarian!


Easy Access to eBooks and audiobooks!

Read a book or listen to a book from your computer or download the MackinVia app to your device to read eBooks or listen to audio books from anywhere.
For access, log in at the portal and choose the MackinVia tile.
 Come see us if you have any problems!

Now available!

Teen Book Cloud

You can get even more ebooks and audiobooks through Teen Book Cloud. It's listed as a database on the MackinVia site. Ask a library staff member for instructions.
teen book cloud