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For research assignments, MackinVIA is a great choice. It's better than just using Google to search online. Why? The resources you'll find there have been curated by professionals to make sure they contain valid information. It's still important to check for currency and bias.

Even better, when you search these resources you can filter for certain types of results, like videos or images or sound clips.  You can also choose your lexile preference, translate into different languages, or have the articles read aloud if you'd like.

And best of all, they set up citations for you, so you can just copy and paste into your assignment.

To get to them, start at the portal and choose MackinVia.

mackin via portal-1.png

When you land on the MackinVIA page, choose "databases" from the menu on the left.


From there, you'll see an alphabetical list of databases and other types of resources like encyclopedias and newspapers.

list of databases.png

Open the resource you need to do your research. Your teacher might suggest specific ones for an assignment, but notice that some are geared toward specific content like social studies or science, or current events, some are more general, and some are in Spanish.

***If you are at home, some resources will require a password. Ask your teacher or email Ms. Foxx at to get the one you need.***