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Welcome to Akins Agri-science Program
The agriculture science program at Akins High School presents students with the opportunity to receive a hands-on and career-oriented experience. The students have the opportunity to engage in training in Veterinary Medicine, Horticulture/Floral Design, and Wildlife Management/Park Cadet Program. Each program prepares them for careers by attaining various industry certifications. The Agricultural Science Program is part of the Green Tech Academy. 

“Preparing today, for the careers of tomorrow.”
Please visit our FFA website for more information on how to become more involved in our program. 

August 1, 2020

TO: Akins High School Parents and Students

FROM: Akins Agricultural Educators and FFA Advisors

SUBJECT: Agricultural Education and FFA Opportunities

Dear Parents and Students,


Your student has some exciting opportunities this year in the Agricultural Education program through the Green Tech Academy! Please consider this letter an explanation of FFA and the ag classes that your student is taking this year. 


We would also like to invite you and your student to our Welcome Night Meeting. We are planning on having an in person meeting on Wednesday, September 9. In the instance we do not return to school before then we will conduct this meeting virtually and we will send that information at a later date. 

Now that your student is in a Green Tech class, they are given the chance to join the National FFA Organization, which is the largest student organization in the United States. There are over 540,000 members that reach from the state of Alaska to the Virgin Islands, Maine to Hawaii! Texas alone has 1,050 FFA Chapters and boasts over 130,000 student members. Akins is apart of this dynamic organization and has had huge success in scholarships and experiences.


My hope is that your family will encourage participation in FFA this year. Our classes offer diverse opportunities regardless of background or future plans. There is such a wide variety of topics to learn about, events to compete in, and skills to learn! Each student will gain recognition and awards for their participation. 


Enclosed is a copy of Commonly Asked Questions. I hope your family will consider the positive impact that agricultural education will have on students and join us on Wednesday for more information. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding ag classes or FFA.



Akins Agriscience Educators

The National FFA Organization is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing

their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.


Commonly Asked Questions


Our family does not farm. Why should my son or daughter take ag class and be in FFA?

             It is about much more than farming or ranching! Although learning about production agriculture is one aspect, an Agricultural Education program offers a wide variety of activities and topics to explore. Some general areas of study may include the following: ag business, environmental natural resources, ag communications, veterinary science, plant science, floriculture, horticulture, nursery and landscaping, entomology, careers, leadership, food science, education and ag law.

In 1988, the FFA officially changed its name to The National FFA Organization. It was formally known as, and is often mistakenly referred to as,the Future Farmers of America. This update was made to recognize all aspects of the diverse and growing agricultural industry. 


My child is not interested in an agricultural career. How could ag class and FFA help him/her in the future?

         Students will learn life skills that will be applicable in any future endeavor. Practice keeping financial records. Develop effective verbal, written and body-language communication skills. Apply problem-solving skills to real-world scenarios. Learn personal etiquette and business procedures. Use technology sources to gain 21st century abilities. Improve employability and job interview techniques. Gain confidence and self-esteem through local, state and national recognition.

Ag class curriculum directly integrates science, math, and reading skills which will reinforce core academic concepts! The hands-on and real-world application of concepts may be just the trick needed for a student to excel. The reinforcement of concepts that is gained through ag classes has proven to help students succeed in college and careers.

In fact, statistics tell us that 1 in 3 careers is related to agriculture, as reported by Payscale. Whether it is directly or indirectly, many individuals will hold a job position that is tied to the agricultural industry. It is so neat that Akins High School is offering students a chance to prepare themselves for future possibilities!


How much homework is involved with agriculture classes?

             Because agricultural classes are largely based around hands-on curriculum, most work is completed during class time. There will be assignments, projects, and tests to gauge the understanding of concepts. Occasionally students may find it beneficial to spend additional time outside of class preparing for assessments or upcoming contests and events.

I think learning about agriculture sounds neat. What cool things will we do in ag class and FFA?

         There is never a dull moment in a green tech class! Everyone will enjoy the wide variety of topics, trips, contests, and conventions! Depending on student interest, the following activities are likely options: Dissect specimens. Apply skills in archery fishing and canoeing. Identify native plants and wildlife. Tour a vet clinic, meat processing center or nursery/greenhouse. Vaccinate livestock. Present a speech. Discuss the impact of the Humane Society of the United States. Groom a horse. Apply for scholarships and awards. Grow variety of plants in the greenhouse. Practice job interview skills. Sheer a sheep. Travel across Texas. Wear awesome FFA t-shirts. Make flower arrangements. Landscape outside. Collect insects. Job shadow. Attend fun events. Learn farm safety. Judge livestock. Be in the local newspapers.


When we travel to contests, events and conventions, will I know other students in FFA?

           Probably! If you do not already have friends from neighboring schools, FFA is a wonderful opportunity to network with other high-achieving students. Akins FFA is in Area 12 and will participate with schools such as College Station,Pflugerville, Florence, and Elgin. When we attend area events there will be students from 67 schools. 

Okay, maybe Ag and FFA sound pretty interesting! Where could I get more information?

         Shoot us an email, give us a call, or arrange a meeting any time. If ag class conflicts with your class schedule, please ask about alternative course arrangements! And, check out the Texas FFA website at  or the National FFA Website at Both sites provide lots of quality information regarding Agricultural Education. 

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