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Enrolling at ACC

Enrolling at ACC as a High School Graduate

Congratulations on finishing high school! Or just about anyway depending on when you're reading this. 

Enrolling at ACC it is pretty easy. Just go through each step in this document. If you have any trouble, don't worry! The CCC is here to help you! 


You can complete the application on ACC website or use the Apply Texas - especially if you've already started or completed an application on Apply Texas. 


Remember to request your transcript on Naviance (if you still have access) or follow the instructions listed on the Akins website by the Akins Registrars. 


If you have any trouble activating your ACC EID or email, we can try to help you but most likely you will have to contact ACC directly. You can call them at 512-223-4636. 


Don't forget you'll also need to take the TSI. You can take it at Akins for free while you're still a student. View the TSI information on the Akins website or visit the TSI testing center. You can also take it at ACC. It's $10 for the math section and $20 for the reading and writing sections. Once you pay for the exam you can review each campus's TSI testing schedule. ACC does have more availability outside of traditional business hours and on weekends, which may make paying for the exam worth it for you. 


There is no deadline to apply to ACC, however, the earlier you apply the earlier you'll be able to register for classes and be able to choose the best times, days, and even professors for you. So apply early! 

Good luck! Don't forget we've got you!