Resume Tips and Tricks

What is a resume and why do you need one? 
In this case, a resume is a document with a summary of all the organizations, jobs, and volunteer work that you have done while in high school. Sometimes it is needed for college applications, scholarships or when you need a letter of recommendations. 
How do you write one?
A resume should be 1 PAGE - it makes it easier to look at! 
The only time it will be longer is for schools like UT Austin that ask for EXPANDED Resumes
Use an easy font to read, such as Times New Roman or Calibri, and it can be either 11 or 12 pt font.
When describing an organization, job, or volunteer work DO NOT use "I" statements. Instead use action verbs, such as "competed" or "developed." 
Resume Example! 
Example for Expanded Resume!
Google Doc Resume Templates (FREE)!