GT Nomination Window November 4-15, 2019.

Parents, teachers, and students may complete the nomination form.  Here is the link to the online form. https://forms.gle/mT1JvRQ762QSkDFv6  The nomination form is available as a pdf file on the right-hand side of this page.  The form will also be available in the front office.  Please return all forms to Rebecca Redland-Sturzl by 4:30 on November 15, 2019.


NEW!  Under the charge of the superintendent, Advanced Academics led an innovation-design team to review and redesign the existing gifted and talented program.  Watch the video to see what is new.

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Secondary GT services include instruction by a teacher with the appropriate GT Foundations training within a Pre-AP, Advanced Placement, Magnet, International Baccaulearate (IB), Dual Credit, or advanced-level CTE courses for which teachers have received specialized training. Acceleration provides GT students with a choice of concentrating on their strengths or interests through the selection of at least one course in the GT interdisciplinary strands of STEM and/or Humanities for which they are identified each school year. Academic options provided vary based on campus and teacher decisions. Teachers and counselors provide guidance during the course selection process (grades 5-11) for the next school year.


Additional information and resources are available through Austin ISDā€™s Advanced Academics:





GT Advocate:
Rebecca Redland-Sturzl
GT Administrator:
Tina Salazar, Assist. Principal
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