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This course will incorporate several different components which focus on athletic training and sports medicine, but also physical therapy.  Within the class students will have the opportunity to become physical therapy aide certified and they will receive Austin Community College credit hours.  
Students will spend part time in the classroom focusing on topics such as professionalism, safety precautions, patient assessments, skeletal/muscular anatomy and physiology, and disease pathology.  In the fall, half of the class will be spent in the training room, at practice with the different sports teams and on various field trips to different health agencies/programs in the area.  The athletic training component will be co taught with the two Akins Athletic Trainers, Amy Martin and Phillip Jones, who are specialists and experts in the area of Sports Medicine.
They both are certified to teach this course and have several years experience being athletic trainer.  Students will use their skills learned to assess, evaluate and treat student athletes at Akins High School.  Students will attend athletic events such as games were they will assist the trainers in providing medical care. 
In the Spring, students will spend six weeks at St. Davids South Austin doing clinical rotations following nurses, aides, and physical therapists at the hospital.  This gives the students the opportunity to see and have hands on experience in a different health care setting.  
Within the class, students will be enrolled in an online physical therapy aide certification class.  In May, students will be testing to become physical therapy aide certified.  For more information on the certification click on the link to the right.
This practicum class is part of the Social Services Academy. Students get hands on experience learning and providing first aid, preventative care and treating student athletes at Akins High School. Prerequisites for this class include successful completion of Health Science.  Students will apply and interview for the program.