Correctional Services Internship

Welcome to the Akins High School Correctional Services Internship (CSI) page.  With a partnership with the Travis County Sheriff's Office, Akins students have the unique opportunity to go out to the Downtown Travis County Jail and the Travis County Correctional Complex in Del Valle to learn directly from current Correctional Officers.  The goal of the Correctional Services Internship is to have the student ready for a career in Corrections by the time they graduate. 
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During the course, students will earn four certifications to take with them upon completion of the internship which include the following...
  • Texas Municipal Jailer Certification
  • Correctional Services Professional Certification
  • Private Security Level II Certification
  • Objective Jail Classification Certification
In the classroom, students will learn the following topics...
  • Basic organizational models for municipal, county, state, or federal correctional facilities and the history of correctional services.
  • Officer's role in maintaining order and safety along with professional standards and ethical responsibilities
  • Issues related to human behavior and relations in a detention facility
  • Methods of screening for and addressing injurious prisoner behavior
  • Intake procedures for a detention facility
  • Various inmate health care issues and processes
  • Methods of providing various prisoner services
  • Prisoner and facility security protocols
  • Appropriate actions to take in emergency situations at a detention facility.
  • Report-writing methods and courtroom procedures
  • Situations requiring the use of force and the use of force continuum.
  • Self-defense and defensive tactics
At the end of the internship the students will be career ready and will have a Professional Portfolio that will include the following...
  • Professional Resume
  • Four Industry Certification Certificates
  • Letters of Recommendation from Industry Professionals
  • Industry references
  • Awards for Industry Skills Competitions 
  • Experience with Correctional Officer Tasks and Duties
Current Wins
On 3/29/22, the Akins Correctional Services Interns came away as State Champions in the event of Cell Extraction for the State TXPSTA Criminal Justice Competition.  Please congratulate the following students...
1st Place Cell Extraction Team
Serenity Shaw
Andrea Gonzales Maya
Mathew Fan
Brandon Dang
Alexis Downs
Victor Cerda
One 3/11/22 and 3/12/22, we competed in our TPSA Regional Criminal Justice Competition which is our spring competition and were able to place 1st in Cell Extraction and 1st in Inmate Processing.  Please congratulate the following students...
1st Place Cell Extraction Team
Serenity Shaw
Andrea Gonzales
Mathew Fan
Moises Ramirez
Alexis Downs
Victor Cerda
1st Place Inmate Processing
Andrea Gonzales

On 11/13/21 the Correctional Services Internship competed in the Regional TXPSTA Criminal Justice Competition and was able to place in every event we competed.  These are the winners of the regional competition… 


3rd Place Inmate Processing

Alexis Calderon-Gonzalez 

2nd Place Misdemeanor Traffic Stops

Brandon Dang 

3rd Place Female Law Enforcement Agility Course

Ana Lefranc-Pierantozzi 

1st Place Female Law Enforcement Agility Course

Serenity Shaw 


1st Place Cell Extraction 

Cell Extraction Team Includes… 

Ana Lefranc-Pierantozzi 

Andrea Gonzales-Maya 

Mathew Fan 

Serenity Shaw 

Alexis Downs 

Victor Cerda

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