STEM Academy

STEM Assistant Principal- Ms. Carman Wissel

(512) 841-9916, [email protected] 


STEM Counselor- Ms. Elsa Ringgenberg

(512) 841-9972, [email protected] 


STEM Academy Coordinator- Christina Dost

(512) 841-9037, [email protected] 

Akins STEM Mission
The W. Charles Akins STEM Academy provides authentic, real-world experience in an environment in which students develop and demonstrate 21st century skills in the every-evolving fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM students take ownership of and apply their learning, both individually and collaboratively, and become successful leaders as evidenced in scholarly pursuits and industry endeavors.
Akins STEM Overview
The Akins STEM Academy offers five different engineering pathways. In addition to a student's regular core classes, each year STEM students take one STEM elective class in an elective pathway. Students choose their own pathway based on their interest. When a student completes all four STEM electives in their pathway, they get a graduation distinction called an endorsement and a special cord to wear at graduation. Learn more about each engineering pathway here.
Akins STEM Recruitment & Application
The STEM Academy is open and free to all students, regardless of past experience or test scores.
8th grade students who are zoned to Akins will have the opportunity to select the STEM Academy in January when Akins counselors visit each feeder middle school.
8th grade students who are not zoned to Akins can apply for a transfer to the STEM Academy. If you are not zoned to Akins and would like to apply, complete the application linked here.
How do I find out more about Akins STEM?
Follow the links on the right to learn more about our programs, certifications, and see recent pictures.
Email the STEM Academy Coordinator, Christina Dost, at [email protected]