STEM Key Elements of Success

The Akins STEM Academy is committed to providing authentic, industry experience in an environment where students develop and demonstrate 21st century skills in the fields of engineering. See the STEM Academy's mission and vision described below.
The Akins STEM Academy has a, advisory board called the Texas-STEM Industry Leadership Council. The T-STEM ILC is made up of higher education and industry leaders and will:
  • Hold regular meetings with agenda items and minutes, including action items and decision logs
  • Conduct annual reviews of business/industry and Institutions of Higher Educations (IHE) and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). Current MOU with ACC, UT, and Code2College linked below
  • Maintain and improve list of strategic partners with each members organization, title and role in providing work-based learning for students by grade level.
  • Ensure students gain industry experience through guest speakers, field trips, and work-based internships
The campus STEM Leadership meetings are held every Wednesday from 1:30 - 3:00 pm. Agenda items are linked below.
The STEM Industry Leadership Council met twice in person in 2019 and twice virtually in 2020. Please email for more information or if you are interested in being a part of the Industry Leadership Council.
The Akins STEM Academy has many recruitment efforts throughout the year. In an effort to provide authentic STEM opportunities for all students, the STEM Academy will:
  • The STEM Academy is one of seven Academies at Akins HS
  • The STEM Academy is open and free to all students at Akins of all academic backgrounds
  • The STEM Academy does not require an application process or interview
  • The STEM academy conducts yearly visits to all middle schools that feed to Akins explaining academy specifics
    • Middle school visits will be January-February 2021
  • The STEM academy participates in Akins Academy Fair to inform prospective students and parents
    • Academy Fair was held virtually January 27,2021
  • Akins High School and the STEM Academy host 5th graders from all feeder Elementary Schools each fall to showcase our programs and school
    • The 2020 5th grade visits were postponed due to the pandemic
  • Akins High School and the STEM Academy host the annual  Blue & Gold Night in which all feeder schools and communities are invited for a fall carnival
    • The 2020 Blue & Gold Night were postponed due to the pandemic
  • The STEM programs such as Biomedical Engineering and Robotics plan individual trips to recruit targeted populations of students
Follow Akins STEM on Twitter @AkinsSTEM or on Instagram @akinsstem for updates and to see pictures of recent events.
The Akins STEM Academy is made up of a group of experienced professionals. As far as instructional practices, the STEM Academy will:
  • STEM instructional practices are aligned with those of Akins HS and AISD
  • STEM teachers are provided with multiple opportunities for professional development throughout the year
  • STEM academy will also push appropriate practices found within the T-STEM blueprint when possible
STEM engineering teachers receive specialized training in their content areas which builds on their enriched backgrounds and industry experience. Teachers attend regional summer Project Lead the Way training in addition to ongoing PLTW training online. Our Biomedical Project-Based Research teacher attends University of Texas High School Research Initiative trainings regularly where teachers from across the state gather to learn.
Linked below you will find Austin ISD's calendar which includes staff professional development dates throughout the year. More information about Austin ISD's professional learning initiative can be found here