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Academy Mission Statement
The Social Services Academy (SSA) creates a community where students have first-hand experiences that broaden their understanding of the skills and knowledge essential to careers serving society in healthcare, education, mental health, and social work. Our teachers support caring students who, in an effort to better society, learn to empathize with the needs of an individual and a diverse global community. 
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A message from Ms. Pittaway, our Med Assist Instructor:
October 20 was National Medical Assistant Day. I want to give a huge shout out to these SENIORS!! Just so you understand how AMAZING these students are.... they were the first JUNIOR class of Medical Assistants to certify not only at Akins but in AISD! During a pandemic!! This year they are utilizing their certification working at clinical sites. No other group of students in our district is doing this. I am SO proud of them!! If you have any of these students, please give them a pat on the back!
Joanna Gonzalez
TaTianna Benitez
Jennifer Balderas Perez
Elena Sunukjian
Alejandra Santos
Addie Patlan
Cassandra Murray
Hannah MeKonnen
Andrew Garza
Faten Daher
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SSA Assistant Principal, Lori Mayfield- 512-841-9915   [email protected]

SSA Counselor, Jacey Saylor-Carroll- 512-841-9923    [email protected]

SSA Academy Coordinator, Misty Lindsey- 512-841-9847   [email protected]