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ABL2E Academy


ABLLE TRIAD (Brad Lancaster, Melissa Contreras, Melinda Van Horn)

ABL2E Assistant PrincipalMr. Brad Lancaster, (512) 841-9814

ABL2E CounselorMs. Melinda Van Horn, (512) 841-9922

ABL2E Academy CoordinatorMelissa Contreras, (512) 841-9787

ABL2E prepares students for careers involving persuasion, military leadership, data management, accounting, marketing, advertising, criminal justice, commerce, and business procedures. This academy enables a diverse community of learners to explore business and professional opportunities and build partnerships using community resources.


Possible careers in your future: In ABL2E, we want our students to walk away with a sense of belonging, a sense of adventure and the ability to take risks, a sense of self-respect and respect in others, success in working together and achieving high results, and the pride and confidence to make their professional dreams come true.


  • Corrections Officer
  • Court Reporter
  • Dispatcher
  • Police Detective
  • FBI Agent
  • Legal Secretary
  • Forensics/Crime Scene Investigator


Majoring in Criminal Justice prepares students to pursue advanced academic degrees and to serve the community in the operation and management of federal, state, county, and municipal criminal justice agencies. Students pursuing a criminal justice degree may select a major in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Law Enforcement or Corrections. All include optional internships in high school and in college.

The program at Akins introduces students to the many different professions in the Criminal Justice field. The classes start at an introduction level then progress into classes that will be useful in technical schools, colleges and the general workforce. We lecture and discuss related jobs such as Law Enforcement , Probation / Parole , Law School , Government Jobs , Investigations , etc.. We have a lot of hands on activities such as fingerprinting , crime scene searches , and interview skills. We have taken field trips to courtrooms , County Jails , District Attorney’s offices , and the University of Texas Law School. We conduct mock trials as well. Student participation is very necessary. 

If you are a BUSINESS MAJOR–

  • Bank Teller/Cashier
  • Insurance/Real Estate/Travel Agent
  • Hotel/Restaurant/Club Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Business owner
  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Marketing Analyst


The objective of the Marketing major is to prepare students to conduct the critical business functions associated with directing the flow of products and services from the producer to the consumer. Students study and apply marketing functions that include: distribution, financing, and marketing information management.

In Accounting, students study the accounting cycle for service businesses. Students learn basic accounting concepts and terminology, the effects of transactions on the accounting equation, general journal entries, trial balance, end-of-period adjustments, adjusting and closing entries, and financial statements.

A key focus of the International Business major is to help students focus their knowledge and business skills toward a multinational environment that knows no geographic, cultural or regional boundaries. The curriculum provides the student with a global perspective on business and a strong background in management, markets, customs, and ethics in other countries. In today’s global economy, multinational corporations are expanding their international operations to provide technical dissemination with marketing and manufacturing opportunities. Many business executives believe it is important for their employs to be able to work within business on a global level.