Business Professionals of America (BPA)




Meeting Times: Every Wednesday during FIT

in Rm. 263

“BPA prepares students for the real business world through the skills of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. BPA opens many more opportunities for students who need the practice to become part of a world-class workforce. As a competitive organization, BPA students compete against others from around the country with direct participation and interaction in business, career/job preparation and workplace abilities. In addition, BPA students also help with the local community through many volunteer projects accomplished throughout the year.”
BPA Motto: “Destination Success!!”
Mr. Chance Zapalac 
(512) 841-9790
Mr. Stuart Berkowitz
(512) 841-9950
Our Akins BPA members are assiduously working on preparing for our regional competition at College Station High School on January 18, 2020.