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Bottom Row (from left): Mrs. Stephanie Matthews (New Tech Academy), Mrs. Melissa Contreras, (ABLLE Academy), Ms. Georgie Morrell (AHA Academy)
Top Rom (from left): Mrs. Christina Dost (STEM Academy), John Rodriguez (ECHS Academy), Mrs. Misty Lindsey (SSA Academy)
As part of the Austin Independent School District High School Redesign plan, Akins High School is divided into 7 different Academies. To help each student build a personal vision of greatness, Akins has created seven Academy-structured Smaller Learning Communities. From 9th-12th grade career-focused learning, Academies strive to offer rigorous and relevant curricula to promote student success. Each Academy offers a core foundation of courses and real-world learning experiences for every student.  Each academy is led by 3 leaders- the assistant principal, the counselor, and the academy coordinator.   Above are the 7 academy coordinators.  At the end of each major, students are able to participate in some type of capstone, internship, and/or practicum program. 
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Academy of Business, Leadership & Legal Enterprises - ABL2E


Green Tech Academy - GTA 

The Arts & Humanities Academy – AHA 


Social Services Academy - SSA  


New Tech Academy - NTA

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math - STEM