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Robotics I & II

Robotics I
In Robotics I students will learn how to combine simple machines with servo motors and sensor to create robots.
Students will work only with VEX EDR kits.
Robotics II
In Robotics II students will learn how to create robots that make decisions based on data gathered by multiple sensors. 
Students will work with Arduino and VEX EDR kits.
Other things you will learn or practice in this classes.
  • How to use a 3D Printing
File:Felix 3D Printer - Printing Set-up With Examples.JPG - Wikimedia  Commons
  • How to use Inventor 
Autodesk Inventor 2015 (Download) 208G1-WWR111-1001 B&H Photo
  • How to use different shop tools
Tools | Los Angeles Pawn Shop
  • How to use an Engineering Notebook
PowerSchool Learning : Robotics I: Intro to Robotics : 3.1.1: Engineering  Notebook
Both classes are project based.
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Mr. Mario Bellver
Engineering & Robotics Teacher
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My name is Mario Bellver. I have been teaching for 8 years and I am very happy to be back at Akins. 
I graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from the university of Ramon Llull in Barcelona. I was very lucky to live in Barcelona at the time when Messi and Ronaldinho were playing for Barca. 
I love soccer, archery, fishing and any other outdoorsy activity you can think of. 
Sin Miedo Al Exito 
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