2020-2021 Dual Language Program at Akins

Akins High School’s Dual Language Program



Akins is in its second year of its Dual Language Program.  Students in the DL Program come from any of the 7 academies at Akins Early College High School.   The purpose of this program is to offer non-native & native Spanish speaking students opportunities to learn the course subject in the academic Spanish language.   For example, in the DL World Geography course, students would learn vocabulary, continents, countries & cultures all in Spanish.  In a DL geometry class, students would learn all the mathematic terms/vocabulary in Spanish. (Click on the right side link in order to learn more information about Austin ISD's DL language program K-12.)


Students enrolled in Dual Language in high school can receive the AISD Biliteracy Seal if they take 2 dual language courses per year and successfully complete their English Language Requirements.  


Spanish Language (Spanish for Spanish Speakers DL):

  • Mrs. Beatriz Valle-Moreno teaches a Spanish Language course called Pre-AP Spanish 5 for all 9th grade DL students.
  • Mrs. Eliah Erazo teaches Spanish Language course called Spanish Language: Latin American Studies in 10th Grade.
  • Ms. Brooke Maudlin teaches Latin American Film Studies for 11th grade DL students.

Dual Language Core Content Courses Taught in Spanish:

  • Ms. Stephanie Hernandez teaches DL World Geography in 9th Grade.
  • Ms. Yesenia Cardoza teaches DL Geometry in 9th and/or 10th grade
  • Mr. Eduardo Cen teaches DL Chemistry in 11th grade.

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


DL World Geography PAP


DL Geometry


DL Chemistry

DL Senior Capstone Course


DL Spanish V


DL Latin American Studies

DL Film- Cine Las Americas

AP Spanish LIterature

Below is an image of what the Dual Language Design is. It consists mainly of 2 courses in Spanish per year. Spanish Language Course and a Core content course either Math, Science or Social Studies.
For questions or more information about the Akins Dual Language Program, please contact the following staff:
Melinda Van Horn, Counselor at (512) 841-9922 or melinda.vanhorn@austinisd.org
Manuel Garcia, Associate Principal at (512) 41-9815 or manuel.garcia@austinisd.org 
Pedro Gonzales, AISD Dual Language Secondary Coordinator at (512) 414-9618 or peter.gonzales@austinisd.org 
Brooke Maudlin, LOTE Department Chair at (512) 841-9864 or brooke.maudlin@austinisd.org