Tomorrow's Teachers P-TECH Program » Agreement between AISD, ACC and Texas Tech University

Agreement between AISD, ACC and Texas Tech University

Austin ISD implements a Ready Set Teach Program called Tomorrow's Teachers at Akins Early College High School.  It is an education and training field based internship program which provides students background knowledge of child and adolescent development principles as well as principles of effective teaching practices.  The Pathway consists of 4 years, in which the last 2 years students can work under the direction of exemplary educators instructional roles with elementary, middle and or high school-aged students.  
The Mission-  To provide all students that begin in 9th grade through 12th grade, the following:
  • Field-based experience
  • High School Diploma
  • An Associate Degree in Education
Austin ISD Roles & Responsibilities
  • Full implementation of the Ready Set Teach (Tomorrow' Teachers) Program at Akins Early College High School
  • Scope & Sequence Plan of courses and workplace experiences intended to help students successfully meet the goals
  • Develop a rigorous & engaging curriculum intended to prepare students for college-level coursework & workplace experiences
  • Define appropriate workplace experiences
  • Adequate classroom space to support the activities
  • Allow ACC faculty & staff appropriate access to the Akins ECHS to support program activities
  • Ensure that students of all backgrounds and abilities are eligible to participate in the program; ensure that prior academic performance shall not be considered during the admissions process
  • Pay for any tuition, fees, or costs of textbooks
Austin Community College Roles & Responsibilities
  • ACC staff will be responsible for all Dual-credit and concurrent enrollment courses working with Akins Early College High School and ACC staff as necessary to deliver agreed upon program
  • ACC staff will coordinate with AISD to share information and coordinate policies regarding grading periods, courses of study, curriculum alignment, instructional calendar, student enrollment and attendance
  • ACC staff agree to attend and participate in all AISD events when requested by AISD to promote the Ready, Set, Teach (Tomorrow's Teacher) Program at Akins Early College High School
  • ACC staff will ensure that dual credit courses are delivered as necessary to meet the goals fo the Program. 
  • ACC will waive standard tuition and fees for the program's students
  • ACC agrees that it will charge AISD $100 per student per course