Final Exams » Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule


Spring 2022 Final Exam Schedule




Tues. 5/24/2022

5th Period Final Exam

6th Period Final Exam

Wed. 5/25/2022

1st Period Final Exam

2nd Period Final Exam

Thurs. 5/26/2022

7th Period Final Exam

8th Period Final Exam

Fri. 5/27/2022

3rd Period Final Exam

4th Period Final Exam


  • Attendance on Final Exam days is taken on TEAMS. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Students are NOT allowed to take final exams EARLY unless this is approved by Mr. Garcia for extenuating circumstances.  An extenuating circumstance is NOT leaving early to visit family or leaving for vacation out of state or country. 
  • Lunch will NOT be served on Finals Days because of 1:10 pm Early Release. 
  • Students NOT taking an exam for any specific period will be required to remain in cafeteria if they are on campus. Students will NOT be allowed to use the library, gyms, and/or any other building or campus areas.