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MOU between Austin ISD & Austin Board of Realtors

The Board of the Austin Board of Realtors (ABoR) approved and signed a contract on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 initiating a partnership between Akins Early College High School (ECHS) and ABoR.  This is a first program of its kind at an Austin ISD high school starting the 2020-2021 school year with In-coming 9th grade students.  Students would acquire their coursework through Austin Community College while still attending Akins Early College High School.

The Parties agree as follows: 




The Parties agree to collaborate in developing, supporting, and operating the Real Estate Careers- Career Launch Program at Akins Early College High School.


The School’s mission is to provide all students with an education that begins in grade 9, continues through high school completion with a high school diploma, and culminates in attainment of an Associate Degree through Austin Community College, thus preparing students to help lay the foundation to pursue postsecondary degrees and/or real estate careers. The program also includes authentic work experiences designed to prepare students for positions in the real estate industry.


This program will be established for students who are interested in real estate careers.  Recruitment for the first 9th grade cohort of students will begin in the 2020 spring semester. The first cohort of students will begin course work August 2020.  Students will have the opportunity to enroll in dual credit classes at Austin Community College and Austin ISD to help lay the foundation to pursue a postsecondary degree.  


The School’s curriculum and support program is designed to support a wide range of students in earning a high school diploma, an Associate of Applied Science in Real Estate Brokerage and the work experience needed to be a highly qualified candidate for career-track employment in the real estate field. All college courses offered to students while enrolled in the School will be free of charge to students and their families.  The Parties will work together to develop and evaluate the Crosswalk and Certification Plans with Austin Community College, which will identify specific high school and college courses and work experiences that students will participate in each year as part of their regular school program.



The Charles Akins Early College High School is a public school and, as such, must follow all policies and procedures outlined in the Austin Independent School District Policies and Regulations.


An Advisory Board consisting of representatives from all the Parties shall oversee the development and ongoing support of the Career Launch Program for Real Estate. Additional staff and faculty members, students and parents may be added as appropriate. The Advisory Board shall meet at least four times a year and as often as needed to evaluate

instructional and programmatic activities, identify problems, issues and challenges that arise, and make recommendations regarding more effective coordination and collaboration. The Advisory Board shall address the School’s Crosswalk and Certification plans, the overall quality and outcomes from the college courses and other aspects of the School, the School’s budget, and other issues related to relationship between the Parties.




    A.   Austin Board of Realtors Responsibilities:


  1. Austin Board of Realtors will be committed to the full implementation of Overall School Model as outlined in Section I.
  2. Austin Board of Realtors representative/s will serve as active members of the Leadership Team to address issues of curriculum, school design, and sustainability.  
  3. Ensure a liaison representing Austin Board of Realtors to interact directly and frequently with school staff.
  4. Actively participate in the development of curriculum to ensure it is appropriately aligned to marketable skills in real estate.
  5. Austin Board of Realtors will assist in the development and implementation of industry experiences, including career awareness and exploration activities, such as guest speakers, and/or field trips (age and grade appropriate).


     B.  Austin Independent School District (Austin ISD) Responsibilities:


  1. Austin ISD will be committed to the full implementation of the Overall School Model as outlined in Section I.
  1. Austin ISD will work with the School’s staff and the other Parties (Austin Community College) to develop a seamless and coherent Crosswalk of courses and workplace experiences that enables students to successfully meet the goals outlined in the program model. Austin ISD will work to develop a rigorous and engaging curriculum that prepares students for college-level coursework and workplace experiences.
  2. Austin ISD will establish a college-going culture for all students at Akins Early College High School, which requires engaging students in college coursework, tutoring and advising, and instruction on key “college knowledge” academic and personal behaviors such as time management, collaboration, problem-solving, leadership, study skills, communication, and tenacity.
  3. Austin ISD will help define appropriate workplace experiences (e.g., design projects, job shadowing, internships, and practice) that will support students gaining key skills needed in the real estate field.
  1. Austin ISD will provide a space to house the Career Launch Real Estate program at Akins Early College High School. The facility will have sufficient space to support the activities and number of students described in Section I.
  2. Austin ISD will allow Austin Community College and Austin Board of Realtors staff appropriate access to Akins Early College High School to support program activities, along with other appropriate real estate industry leaders.



   A.  Term. The term of this Agreement (the “Term”) shall begin as of January 2, 2020 and end on June 30, 2021. This Agreement may be renewed by written agreement of the Parties.

   B.  Termination. This Agreement may be terminated by agreement of Austin Independent School District and Austin Board of Realtors upon not less than ninety (90) days’ prior written notice by either party to the other.
   A.  Security and safety. Non-district personnel from Austin Board of Realtors will provide the district background check information for personnel working in long term relationships with students.
   B. Student Records. All information about students obtained from any of the Parties shall be held confidential pursuant to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C.A.1232g) (“FERPA”).
   C. Promotion, Marketing and Advertising. All parties agree to provide advance, timely notice to each other party of any and all press releases, press conferences, or any promotion of the program to the public to ensure all parties approve of messaging and have the opportunity to participate.  Austin Board of Realtors will allow the use of it logos in promotional materials for the program.