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ACC Information

Returning/Current Students (Classes of 2022 - 2024): Access this ACC Bus Schedule, Help, & More for help during ACC FALL 2021.
NEW / Incoming Students (Class of 2025): we will help you apply to ACC and register for your courses when Akins ECHS school starts in August. For now, focus on the TSI! You will take your first college class in the Spring of 2022 once you are ELAR/TSI-ready. 
ACC Parent Email Newsletter: To check out previous Newsletters from ACC, go to ACC Newsletter. Sign up for High School Program News Here: ACC High School Programs
ACC Schedule and Instructor Contacts: This is for students that are taking ACC courses. MOST freshmen will only be taking classes at Akins ECHS with Akins faculty. This list may NOT include all courses being taken by our ACC students. 
Students in ACC courses will have their virtual classes using the Blackboard system. Go here for assistance with the Blackboard system: Blackboard Tech Support
Students can schedule sessions with ACC Academic Coach: Click here
You can also email Mr. Murphree @ luke.murphree@austinisd.org 


Akins ECHS Course Schedule Fall 2021
Course Name Section Number 2nd section Location Days Times Seat Max
BUSI-1301 013   SAC TTh 11:50am- 1:10pm 36
PSYC-2301 079   SAC MW 11:50 -1:10 36
PSYC-2301 080   SAC MW 1:25 - 2:45 36
PSYC-2301 082   SAC TTh 11:50 -1:10 36
PSYC-2301 083   SAC TTh 1:25 - 2:45 36
RELE-1201 001   SAC TTh 1:25pm- 2:15pm 36
SPCH-1311 025   SAC TTh 1:25pm- 2:45pm 28
SPCH-1311 031   SAC MW 1:25pm- 2:45pm 28
SPCH-1311 042   SAC TTh 11:50am- 1:10pm 28
SPCH-1311 046   SAC MW 11:50am- 1:10pm 28
SPCH-1311 048   SAC      TTh 11:50am- 1:10pm 28
ENGL-1301 213 282 SAC MW 11:50am- 1:10pm 28
ENGL-1301 188 294 SAC MW 1:25pm- 2:45pm 28
ENGL-1301 218 272 SAC TTh 11:50am- 1:10pm 28
ENGL-1301 223 276 SAC TTh 1:25pm- 2:45pm 28
HIST-1301 131   SAC MW 11:50am- 1:10pm 36
HIST-1301 132   SAC MW 1:25pm- 2:45pm 36
HIST-1301 149   SAC TTh 11:50am- 1:10pm 36
HIST-1301 150   SAC TTh 1:25pm- 2:45pm 36
SPAN-1411 019   SAC MW 11:50am- 1:40pm 28
SPAN-1411 037   SAC MW 1:25pm- 3:15pm 28
SPAN-1411 048   SAC TTh 11:50am- 1:40pm 28
SPAN-1411 049   SAC TTh 1:25pm- 3:15pm 28
SPAN-1411 050   SAC TTh 1:25pm- 3:15pm 28
Remember to always check the ACC Akins Guide Document and the ECHSA Blend Course for updates, deadlines, and help. #AkinsEagles #RiverBats #AustinCommunityCollege.