TSI Testing

This page is for ECHS Academy students ONLY. For information about the TSI for all other students, go here: TSI Center @ Akins.

2021 Austin ISD & Akins ECHS Tech Help


What is the TSI?

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-required assessment test to determine college readiness in reading, writing, and math. All first-time college students must take the TSI test before enrolling in classes. Per the current COVID-19 closure of physical campuses, TSI testing will be done remotely. Click here to sign up: TSI Testing (in-person AND remote) DURING regular school hours. Be sure to check your email throughout the week for your assigned testing day and time. Here is a one-pager with more information: TSI 2.0 Flyer

TSI Prep with LULAC

LULAC and TSI Prep email Mr. Gomez @ omar.gomez@austinisd.org for questions. 

What can I use to study and prepare for the TSI test?

Check out these resources: ECHSA Review Folder


Where can I get more information and help? ( Current students ONLY )

Make sure you are a part of the ECHSA Blend Course: https://aisdblend.instructure.com/enroll/89M67R 


How do I sign up to take a TSI test (FALL 2021)?

Access this TSI 2.0 document for everything about when you should take a TSI test, how to prepare for it, and Sign Up! The TSI Computer Lab is in Room 149 (next to Mr. Martinez' Classroom). We will have sessions during Fall 2021. NEW students have to be TSI-ready in English by January 2022. 


Reviews & Practice Tests


TSI Testing Academy Blitz/Push Calendar during School time & Summer 2021


Passed Already?


NEW Student SUMMER BRIDGE (hybrid in-person and remote) - Completed

Sept/Oct Blitz - See TSI Doc

November Blitz - Coming Soon

December Blitz - Coming Soon

January 2022 - Coming Soon

March/April 2022 - Coming Soon

May 2022 - Coming Soon

TSI Scores Request

Contact Mr. Rodriguez @ john.a.rodriguez@austinisd.org if you are ready to take a TSI test now or have questions. 

TSI 2.0 Testing on Saturdays for ECHSA Students

At present, there are no TSI sessions on Saturdays.


TSI Tutorials during Eagle Time with APIE

For 2024 and 2025 students ONLY, Check out the ECHS Academy Blend Course for more information. Email Ms. C. Ferguson (APIE tutor) @ cferguson@austinpartners.org to find out about Sessions for TSI Reviews.