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Wingsup Eagles! 
Student Support Services is here to provide Support and Services to students at Akins in anyway we possibly can! Check out the infographic at the top of this webpage to learn all about S.S.S. and stay connected.  
Please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at (512) 841 - 9878 if you have any questions about these changes or if there is anything else we can do for you. 
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Learn more about Student Support Services (S.S.S.):

Student Support Services offers support and services to students at Akins. That support can be individual counseling services for support during a time of crisis or ongoing support when needed. We offer group services and connection to resources in the community.


We have groups on topics including but not limited to: Anger Management, Emotions Management (helpful in discovering ways to better cope with emotions like depression or anxiety), Girls Empowerment, Healthy Relationships, LGBTQ Support, Pregnancy and Parenting Support, and a Grief & Loss Support Group.


We can assist with students needing clothing resources, backpacks and school supplies, shelter options, and access to mental health services in the community. 

Basically, we do and will do anything to help our Akins students be successful here and in life!


Meg Kozel, LCSW 

Social Worker

Student Support Services

(512) 841-9878

[email protected]

CLICK THE LINK to refer a student for services