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Welcome to The Akins Literacy Hub Homepage!
If you would like to request a tutor to attend on of your FIT sessions, please use the following link
What is The Akins Literacy Hub?
The Literacy Hub is a peer-tutoring program for all subjects based on the philosophy that Writing Hubs at universities and high schools around the country use. Students who work in the Literacy Hub are called Learning Consultants, and they provide feedback and guidance based on the following principles:
  • Consultants do not evaluate (I.E. “This will get an A.” “This is bad.”)Consultants do not direct (“You should change that sentence to say ___” “This is the formula you should use, just plug this number here and this one here.”). Instead, consultants guide students through questions and other approaches to help them find the best solution themselves.
  • Consultants provide feedback about how student work looks, and they focus on the process of completing an assignment rather than the finished product.
  • Consultants identify a small number (1-3) of teaching points for any given session, focusing on teaching the student rather than making sure their finished product is perfect.
Why is this valuable?
  • Students can learn from peers in ways they often cannot from adults
  • It contributes to a culture that values learning over grades
  • Consultant themselves learn valuable interpersonal skills, content knowledge, and gain impressive experience for their resumes and college applications
  • It’s a low-cost way to provide our students with another resource, has high growth potential
How does it work?
The Literacy Hub sends peer tutors to teacher classrooms by request (through a google form available once our pilot is over) to help students with anything they are working on for any academic subject. You can request a tutor using the google form found at
How Can I Contribute?
Recommend students you think may be a good fit as Consultants at the Literacy Hub. (Students must have a B average in the subject they would tutor in, and a C average overall). You can use the following google form to recommend a student (will take less than five minutes). Please send interested students to room 246 to talk to Mr. Thomas about joining.
Support the Literacy Hub by working with Ryan to adapt Literacy Hub philosophy to content areas outside of English (Science, Math, and History are especially helpful, but any contributions or ideas are appreciated). You can contribute with as little as a short conversation about what a math consultation might look like to as much as co-sponsoring the organization and helping to build training materials and recruit. Please email if you’d like to help out.