Akins Eagle Gaming Club

Announcing the High School ESport "Social Distancing Cup"  

HSEL recently launched Generation Esports, the platform behind the High School Esports League. To commemorate the launch and current quarantine, they are offering a free tournament, the “Social Distancing Cup” with over $30,000 in prizes!

HSEL has partnered with the Varsity Esports Foundation to support low-income families during this time of need with the Social Distancing Cup COVID-19 Response Fund.

Beginning today, the Social Distancing Cup is a free month-long charity tournament for anyone at least 13 years old and individuals may participate in three accessible games: League of Legends (5v5), Rocket League (1v1), and TeamFight Tactics (1v1). Gamers have the ability to play as many rounds as possible with the HSEL queue system. You can register any time between April 7 to May 10 to qualify for prizing & quests.  

Meeting Times:

Fridays 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Pre-Session for the eSport team will be starting soon.

Check back here for dates.


What is the Gaming Club?

A place where students can play games cooperatively and competitively. Where students can learn about game development and design. 


Who can join?

Anyone who loves playing games!


(512) 841-9892
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Student Administrators

Ramon Bryant

Brian Sawyer