Akins High School

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Senior Parking Spaces Information » Guidelines


This sale is running Tuesday, September 11th - Friday, September 21st. 
All design submissions are due to your individual Academy Coordinator by October 5th. Pick up a design template from your Academy Coordinator.
 - Your design must include an 8" unpainted border around the parking space
 - Your design must be school appropriate
 - Designs that are religious or political will not be allowed due to policy
 - Make a copy or take a picture of your design before submission
 - Your Academy Coordinator will notify you if your design does not meet requirements and/or needs revision
Saturday, October 20th - Painting Day from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
What you will need to bring:
 - Household interior latex paint with zero VOC (better for the environment), NO spray paint! (suggestion: talk with friends/share paint)
 - Paint can opener
 - Paint brushes/rollers
 - Old towel or paper towels to clean up
 - Trash bah
 - Broom to clean your spot before painting
 - Chalk to outline your design first
 - Ruler or tape to measure
 - Painting tape, stencils
 - Friends and family to help
 - Water/snacks
Academy Coordinators:
ABLLE - Melissa Contreras Room 269
AHA - Tyson Williams Room 226
GTA - Rachel Willey Room 115 (office in Green Tech Office)
NTA - Ychacka Sells (New Tech Office)
SSA - Misty Lindsey Room 315
STEM - Christina Berry Room 407