My Information-

This is my fourth year at Akins High School and my 27th year of teaching. I am excited to begin the school year.  I am one of four SCORES teachers at Akins. I am one of two Vocational Teachers in the SCORES program.  SCORES (Social Communication Resources and Services)  is a program in the Special Education department that supports students on the Autism Spectrum.  I am proud to be part of this program and to work with these awesome students!  In addition to being a SCORES teacher I really enjoy teaching Vocational classes (Pathway College Career 4).  We have had great success with these class in the form of students obtaining jobs, being offered jobs, and doing on the job training.  In addition students have gotten more familiar with all aspects of the job seeking/application process.
My background:   I have taught middle school ELA Resource and Inclusion classes for 14 plus years and I have been an Inclusion teacher in the areas of middle school Math and Social Studies.  In addition to this I have taught behavior unit classes for for 7 years.  I graduated from Texas A & M with a Bachelor of Science degree.
Personal: I have two grown daughters.   One of my daughters works in the cardiac unit of The Methodist Hospital as a nurse  while my younger daughter is attaining a Masters in Landscape Architecture.  I have one dog and one cat who keep me busy. I have lived and worked in cities of Los Angeles,  Dallas, and Houston.  My favorite activities are/were watching my girls play volleyball,  spending time with my late wonderful husband Micky, water sports/recreation, and traveling when I can.
Educational Services Teacher for SCORES program.  VAC (Vocational) Teacher for SCORES program.
A Schedule
1st--Path Coll Career 4
2nd--Off Pd/Lunch Duty
B Schedule
5th--Path Coll Career 4
6th--Lunch Duty
8th--Path Coll Career