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Hi everyone!  
My name is Lance Wilkinson and I am a new teacher here at Akins High School.  I am an inclusion/resource math teacher and very excited to be teaching Algebraic Reasoning and Geometry.  This is my fourth year as a teacher after 14 years as a TA in AISD.  I am really love teaching and working with students at Akins #thebesthighschoolontheplanet.
Please feel free to contact me at lance.wilkinson@austinisd.org
My Schedule:
A Days: 1st period Alg Reasoning inclusion (Cardoza)
              2nd period Alg Reasoning mod
              3rd period Conference
              4th period Alg Reasoning mod
B Days: 5th period Geometry  (Shuh)
              6th period Alg Reasoning inclusion (Ramos)
              7th period PLC (Math)
              8th period Alg Reasoning inclusion (Ramos)