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Introduction Letter to Parents and Students

Welcome Akin’s Eagles!


Hi, my name is Rachel Nall and I am going to be your students Life Skills teacher for the 2018-2019. For those coming back to my class this year, I am so excited to see you again and hope that you had a lovely summer. For all of my new students, I am so excited to meet you and your families. I hope that we will have a wonderful new year together.


A little about me, I graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos and grew up in Austin. I went to Culinary School after graduating High School and use those skills to teach our students how to be more independent in the home. Communication is a cornerstone of my room, and I support my students in communicating their wants, needs, and experiences with others. I believe that all students have the potential for amazing growth and learning in an environment that supports their needs. Also, that if there is great communication and similar expectations between the home and school students will generalize the lessons learned in both environments into their interactions with the community.



For new students and parents. I write daily and weekly communication logs for my students, and typically this would be written in a spiral notebook that I will provide for each student. Last year I had some of the parents ask for an email copy instead and I would be happy to do that instead if requested.


We now have a Life Skills Culinary class, and will be teaching students about food and how to independently create meals. We hope it will be a wonderful part of our Life Skills program, helping us teach students more independent skills outside of school. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them, please reach out to me via email or office phone during school hours.


Thank you,

Rachel Nall

1 (512) 841-9942 office line

Life Skills Department

Akins High School


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