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Ms. Fontenot - United States History and Austin Corps

My name is Natalie Fontenot and am teaching United States History and will be facilitating the Austin Corps/ Govt Practicum. In the past I have taught AP/ Advanced and On-level World History, AP US History, Social Studies Skills and EOC Prep classes.
Before becoming an educator I attained a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Government and Middle Eastern Studies. I then was a policy analyst and committee clerk in the Texas Senate for four years. I believe that the Social Studies and the study of history is critical to understanding our place in the world and working towards the world we want to create for the future. 
United States History:

In this class we will be focusing on the history of our world, develop an understanding of where we fit in the world, and ways that we can create the world we want to see. Now, more than ever in recent years people are acknowledging the importance of understanding history. History is not just the story of the past, but it is also the story of the present.


Why does this class matter?

This US History class studies 1877 (After the Civil War) to present. In this course we will focus more on the impacts of historical events (how boring stuff in the past affects us today) rather than memorizing dates, facts, and people. Students will also prepare for the United States History STAAR, which is required for graduation.

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I invite any parents and students to email me with any questions. (Email is best.)
Austin Corps/ Govt Practicum:

At Akins ECHS, I get the honor of being the facilitator for the Austin Corps/ Local Government practicum class that is intended to provide students with a strong interest in public policy and civic engagement with opportunities to develop professional skills for a career in public policy. Students take several visits to learn about how multiple departments of the City of Austin work and then follow up with an internship with one of those departments. 

In addition to the internship students also complete a project related to a local public policy area of their choice. This year we will be competing in the State Civics Fair with the Speak Up Speak Out program from the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas. Winning teams will receive funds to use toward the implementation of their solutions.
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