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Michael Mungia

Hello!  My name is Michael Mungia and this is my 1st year as a member of the Akins Eagles Chemistry team. In 2005 I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Biology with a double minor in Chemistry and English from the University of Texas - Pan American.  I previously taught Chemistry in my hometown, Raymondville, Texas, for 8 years. I look forward to a successful year of growth, collaboration, and fun with my Eagles!
The objective, essential question, agenda, and activities are posted in Blend daily.  The majority of our work will be submitted via Blend.  You can also contact me via Blend.
Please be sure you have joined my Remind group. It will be used to, you guessed it, remind you about important class information.  You can also contact me via Remind.
A day period: remind.com/join/mungiac
B day period: remind.com/join/mungiach
Other Contact Information
Phone: (512) 841 - 9735 (B day - 8th period)
My 2018-2019 Class Schedule
A Day
1st pd - Chemistry
2nd pd - Chemistry
3rd pd - Science PLC
4th pd - Chemistry
B Day
5th pd - Chemistry
6th pd - Chemistry
7th pd - Chemistry
8th pd - Conference