Welcome to Mr. Thomas' Webpage!
Mr. Thomas is an English III Teacher in the ABLE Academy. Originally from Houston, Mr. Thomas went to The University of Texas for his B.A. in Rhetoric and Writing. After working in college access and in the legal field, he returned to UT for his Masters in Education, focusing on literacy. This will be Mr. Thomas' 5th year at Akins High School!
Remote learning during COVID-19 Information: Along with the rest of Akins, Mr. Thomas' class will be online only at the start of the year. The curriculum will go over the same content as before the pandemic, but lessons and activities are being adjusted to make them work for an online-learning environment. If you have any questions or concerns about the course, how things are set up during online learning, or anything else, please feel free to reach out at the email address above!
English III - We will begin the year learning about multimedia literacy and identity, using students' lives and interests to build analysis and critical thinking skills. Students will have the opportunity to write, discuss, and analyze texts from different media, such as songs, poems, short stories, videos, visual art, and more. Using these different pieces, reading, and writing, students will explore their own identities and how people form identity. The curriculum is based around civic engagement, current events, social justice, and how literature and art fits into our culture and society. We will also be working closely with the History department to link historical content knowledge to English content knowledge.
English III OnRamps (Rhetoric) - This course uses the same curriculum that UT uses for its two introductory writing courses, and students can earn 6 hours of UT college credit (that can transfer to any Texas public college and most other universities). Our focus is primarily on argumentation, including analyzing and breaking down arguments in texts, researching and summarizing persuasive texts, and writing our own persuasive pieces. 
Rhetoric is a Dual Enrollment course, which means students will receive a separate grade for their high school and college assignments. Mr. Thomas will grade high school assignments, while the UT grading team will grade college assignments. The college grade determines whether or not a student is eligible for college credit, while the high school grade is what determines a student's GPA and high school credit.
Supplies Needed
Students need to come prepared with notebook paper and a pencil or pen, as well as their assigned laptop. Please make sure your student charges their laptop every night and brings it to school fully charged the following day. The majority of assignments will require a laptop to be completed.
If you would like to help support the classroom, Mr. Thomas can always use more of the following supplies
  • Tissues
  • Erasers
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Books of all kinds 
Contact Information
Classroom Phone: 512-841-9764